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Not Your Cinderella excerpt

He’s a prince. She’s a barmaid. It’s never going to work.

All Jamie wants to do is finish his PhD and live a life of quiet academic obscurity, but since he’s actually Prince Jamie of Wales, that’s not likely to happen. All his family wants is for him to find a suitable bride, but the local pub probably isn’t the place he should be looking.

Clodagh shouldn’t be falling for a prince. She’s worked too hard to improve her life and leave her shady past behind to get derailed by romance anyway, and all the press scrutiny that comes with royalty would be a nightmare with her background.

But the sparks won’t stop flying between them, and soon all Clodagh and Jamie can do is try to limit the fire.

A story about royalty, computer sciences, geeky t-shirts and cult musicals. And a pub.



Little Haunting by the Sea sample

Welcome to Little Haunting By The Sea. Please die responsibly.

Jen moved to the seaside town of Wirpness for a fresh start, but there are some things she can't leave behind. Like the terrible secret she's been keeping for five years. Or the little Victorian ghost who's been following her around all her life.

Quinn isn't hiding out from anyone in Wirpness. He's hiding out from everyone. Being the identical twin of a famous heartthrob was bad enough when his brother was alive, but the years since his death have been even worse.

When Jen and Quinn end up working together, it's only a matter of time before they discover just how much they have in common—and how much of it could pull them apart.



Max Seventeen: Firebrand excerpt

Sequel to Rona award winning Max Seventeen: Firebrand continues Max and Riley's story...

Max has always eaten life in very small bites. Now it's coming at her in great big mouthfuls.

Riley used to have very short horizons. Now the future stretches out further than he can see.

They've made the starship Eurydice their home and forged a family out of the strange and dangerous crew, but when the past comes calling it threatens to drive a wedge between them all and shatter the bonds they've made.

With the crew of the Eurydice scattered and an unknown menace stalking them across the universe, Max and Riley are faced with the ultimate question of trust and an enemy neither of them quite knows how to fight.

Max Seventeen, available from Amazon, was the first book to win the Paranomal RONA.