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Spring Rose, A Historical Western Romance

Widowed and burdened with running a ranch on her own…Mary Rose stands to lose everything. Until Cyrus comes into her life…

Rose, a hardworking widow, is exhausted trying to run a ranch on her own. Though part of her was relieved when her abusive husband died, it left her overwhelmed and lonely.

Now she’s desperate…she stands to lose everything if she can’t get her ranch through the next year. Boldly, she places an ad in the Matrimonial Times for a husband.

Cyrus is a handsome and kind man that seems too good to be true. Why would he be so willing to help Rose, with her Plain Jane looks? Something doesn’t feel right, but she doesn’t have time to be choosy. She needs help… and she needs it now.

Can Cyrus get Rose to open her heart and believe in love again?


Fools Rush In

Jesse Callahan thought his boss was crazy when he mentioned looking at ads for a mail order bride. But then he started finding himself curious...

Anna Murphy, a mail-order bride, has a secret worth its weight in gold...

Anna moved from Ireland to New York in hopes of a better life. Now that she's here, the man of the house won't keep his filthy hands off her. She has finally had enough and is going to get out of there no matter what she has to do - especially now.

When Jesse Callahan sees Anna, the mail order bride he's been corresponding with for a year, his heart stops. She's even more beautiful than he dreamed she would be. He only hopes it won't scare her away when she realizes who he is. Can he still win her heart after what he did?