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Women's Fiction

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His Huge Rock - First Chapter

I know she lies to me, but her secrets only make me want her more.
I’m the guy they all want to marry, but I won’t get down on one knee for anyone.
They’re the ones who need to get on their knees. And they all do.
And they stay there, on their knees in front of me, until I let them get back up.
Maybe you think I don’t deserve a wife. Maybe you’re right.
Two days ago I wouldn’t have cared. But now, all that’s changed.
Kristina Masters.
She knows how to use her sweet assets.
She won’t get on her knees for me.
But she will be mine.
Whatever it takes.
Even if I know she’s not who she says she is…


My Best Friend's Brother

What would you do if your high school love returns to your hometown as a billionaire after seven years?

When Riley discovers that her best friend's brother Chase is back in town, she's over the moon - she's always had a crush on him. But the time Chase has spent in Australia has changed him.... and Riley feels like she can't compete with the glamorous lifestyle he is used to now. But the closer they get to each other, things start to get out of control...


The Billionaire Teacher (6 Book Box Set!)

What would you do if you fell in love with your teacher? And what if he was a billionaire?

Kenda's world is turned upside down: All girls at the campus adore the sexy and handsome professor Chris. But SHE is the one he asks to go out for a coffee date. Does he really only want to talk about the new project for their economic class, or does he have a crush on her? And if so, what should Kenda do? Relationships between students and teachers are strictly forbidden...

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