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Blood Captive

The dawn of vampires has come, they have dominated the world, and the blood mages that challenged them—the only creatures capable of annihilating their species. 
When one blood mage is freed from the dungeons, by a werewolf no less, tensions rise in the vampire court. Werewolves have not been seen in centuries, and a blood mage on the loose could mean the downfall of vampire kind. 
She’s taken, trained, and turned into a lethal weapon. The shadows are her friends, the vampires her prey. 
The time has come for her to prove herself—her first solo hunt. If she fails, she stands to lose everything she’s come to depend on. 
When the Prince of Vampires stands between her and her prey, she has no choice but to find another way.
 But he’s not the only complication. 


Grave Mistake

Screw Up. Outcast. Wizard.

I am Blair Sheach, and my life will never be the same. New found powers don't make a hero overnight, but somehow I've become the last line of defense for the city of London. Vampires and demons crawl the streets, magic cops suck at keeping them in line, and the easy job I took to pay my rent has turned into something far more complicated. The cheating deadbeat my client hired me to find just so happens to be the necromancer hell bent on destroying London, and it's up to me to stop him.

I'm out of luck and out of time. And to save my city, the decision I have to make is one I can't take back.



The Fallen's Crime

Breaking into a Dragon's Vault was never going to be easy, but then again, Malphas' was not the 'take it easy' type. He's a Fallen, an angel who rebelled, and he's always enjoyed a challenge. To pull a prank on one of the greatest dragon's yet, Malphas will pull together a team of Fae and Vampire, and hope they can get along long enough to survive the Vault.