I am happily married to Adam for the last 28 of those years. Together we have two grown up sons and a spoilt Cocker Spaniel. We live in the Sirhowy Valley in South Wales.

I write primarily but not exclusively in the Horror and Speculative Fiction/ Supernatural genre as S P Oldham. i have several books available on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Scribd and other platforms. Wakeful Children is also available as a paperback.

As Lillian White, I usually, but not exclusively, write stories set in the Victorian era. They tend to have a strong element of love and romance, and could be described as mildly erotic. However they tend not to be 'flowery' but have been described as gritty, realistic and accurate to the time period in which they are set. To date, all my books in this genre are ebooks only,

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The Dragon Has Wings

Horror Dark Fantasy featuring a young girl who is not all she seems...

Carreg Tan is a peaceful kingdom, watched over by a protective and benevolent Dragon Queen. It is thrown into sudden despair when the Queen's own guard, known as The Six, overthrow her, murdering her and seizing power. Her son Ifan and daughter Crystin are forced to run for their lives. Only females can take dragon form, meaning that Carreg Tan's only hope is Crystin. Yet many challenges lie along her path to power; the greatest of them all being survival. Murderers, mercenaries and malevolent beasts are not all that Crystin must overcome to achieve her one, single goal; to regain power. But can she do it, and will the world be better for it if she does? A tale of dark fantasy following the fortunes of a young heiress



Roman: A Life Shared

The gentle, uplifting true story of how a Golden Retriever puppy came to have such a wonderful, long-lasting impact on the young family who took him in. A times heart-breaking, often amusing, the story begins when they collect the puppy on a surprise trip into the English countryside and proceeds to take you along on the journey of his life, with lots of lessons, hilarity and adventures along the way! A heart-warming tale of a family growing and learning together, with the devoted and much-loved 'Roman' at its centre.

A light, quick read to warm the heart.


Sleep, Think, Die

Picture this: you’re sitting in a bar minding your own business, having a quiet drink or two, when trouble steps in off the street. A shambling wreck stumbles over the threshold, bloodied clothes torn, muttering incoherently. Just another idiot who doesn’t know when enough is too much... It’s okay, security can handle it.

Before you know it, you’re shoulder to shoulder with security, fighting a wave of undead. Someone throws you a cue – a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘killer pool.’ When it’s over, there’s only four of you left; you, two hard men and the terrified girl you find hiding beneath the corpse of her boyfriend.

So begins the story of a new kind of world; where the dead are far more ambulant than they should be, and the living must walk among them, fighting to survive.