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Dragon Hide: Shape shifters of Haven Book 1

Shifters fear her. The police despise her. The world needs her.

Jenna Morgan hunts dragon shapeshifters and places them in the cities of New haven--captive cities designed to keep them human and docile.

But Jenna carries a secret that's on the verge of being exposed. Half human--half dragon--Jenna's secret could land her on the inside of the barrier--for good. When tragedy strikes, Jenna needs to put aside her own personal rage.

Along with her ex-fiance, her team digs to unravel a murder conspiracy, save an innocent teen girl, and go against the politicians that are controlling them all.

The shifters may be living on borrowed time. To save a girl, to unlock the key of their survival, Jenna may need to embrace her inner dragon after all.



Shadow of Time



Skipping through the Seconds: A Rewind Agency Prequel

In the novel 15 Minutes, Lara Crane changes the past and tempts death all to bring her mother back from the grave, but how did she get there? This short story shows you the days leading up to Lara's big adventure as she grapples with the toughest decision of her life. Walking away from her boyfriend, the anticipation of seeing her parents reunited, and the idea of seeing her mother again for the first time in ten years.

But wheels have been motion a long time to get her to this place. Peel back the veil and see what it was really like on the day that Miranda Crane was gunned down in that alley.