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Men's Room: Book One-"An Erotica Collection for Bi-Curious Men"

What happens in the men's room at an elegant old established New York restaurant stays there! But its the secret forgotten coat check room, sealed since the 40's, that has all of the hot M2M action on Saturday nights!


Breast Strokes: Book One-"Swim Lessons with Stepfather"

Her new stepdad was the swim coach at her high school, but once she felt his electric touch by accident at a holiday party thrown by her mom, there was no turning back for the eighteen year old and her hot, mature father figure.....


Punished by My Professor- "An After Class BDSM Punishment Collection"

One freshman couldn't shake the sexual thoughts about her dominant English professor. She would watch the middle-aged woman strut across the loud wooden classroom floor with her stilettos...making the young girl's pussy wetter by the second. Getting in trouble on purpose was the only way to finally meet the stern instructor one on one, and what a memorable session of "office hours" the two of them had.