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The Road to Light Sample

*This is a Sample*

The first book in the exciting new fantasy series The Path of Zaan. It's a tale of turbulent adventure, new love, youthful hope, and unforgiving loss.

In the land of Essill, a darkness has loomed in the shadows for 999 years.

The Forgotten Names of the Gods have remained just that: forgotten. Except for Armoz the Devil King.

Zaan Talabard leaves behind everything in his rural town of Fur-lol to find employment in the industrial castle of Auracity. Along the road, a chance encounter will forever change his life. Endowed with a power he knows nothing about, Zaan soon finds he is being hunted.

Now he must escape from those trying to capture him, and to survive he must learn about the nature of his new power, the Azuluz.