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I'm a twenty-something from New York, currently living (and loving) in Nashville, Tennessee. I love funny heroines, bawdy heroes, ballsy moves and happily ever afters! When I'm not writing, you can find me hiking, not talking about being vegan, watching terrible Lifetime movies, and taming the nerd that lives inside us all.


Women's Fiction

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That Kind of Love Preview

Lars Spencer is bad news incarnate. Too handsome for his own good, too rich to comprehend, and way too close to home. The last time I saw him, his brother was marrying my best friend. And that night, he proved that his playboy ways know no limits. He’s a pig, and I’m saving myself for a prince. I have no business crushing on him...but my silly, stubborn heart didn't get the memo.


A Cup of Sugar Preview

Chloe Winslow didn’t leave Pittsburgh – she escaped. Running from a life destroyed by lies, she finds herself starting over in the small town of Maple Ridge, Vermont. If she can keep her past a secret and keep her spirits high, she might just make it through her first year teaching at Sugar Pine Elementary. She learned her lesson about getting too involved in her students’ lives – this time, she’s going to keep her distance. Too bad she can’t help herself when it comes to her handsome, surly, standoffish neighbor and his troubled daughter. Can Chloe mend their broken home, or are they just begging history to repeat itself?


Sugar Rush

My doctor gives me devastating news. The bar I own catches fire. And I’m cut from the town holiday festival for not being wholesome enough. This is turning into the holiday from hell.

Luckily, my brother’s best friend has a construction crew, and he’s got my back. Unluckily, he’s also my old flame, and it seems like he still has my heart.

I’m falling for him again. Even though I know he’s a playboy. Even though I don’t have time to fall in love. Even though I can’t bring myself to tell him the truth.

Until now, I’ve always muddled through somehow. This year is different. If I open myself up to Carter, I might just have myself a merry little Christmas – but what about everything after?

How long before my secret tears us apart?


Love, Marriage, and Other Bad Ideas

This is a special PREVIEW of my new book!

Katie needs cash, and Luca needs a wife.
You've heard this story before, you know the drill.
But you don't know Katie: dog-lover, lawyer-to-be, funny, ferocious...and kind of a mess.
And you don't know Luca: secretive, snarky, cold-hearted...but somehow loveable?
Most of all, you don't know how deeply wrong they are for each other - or how maddeningly right it feels to wear each others' rings.


Sweet Christmas

One good turn deserves another - especially on Christmas Eve! When Cynthia takes a risk and saves a girl in need, Santa decides to give her the sweetest reward of all: the perfect man. Sweet, sexy, soft and strong - Zach is everything Cynthia could want. All she has to do is trust him, and accept a little Christmas magic into her life!