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What Devil's May Come

A psychic vampire hunter meets his match

Charlie, a psychic and an agent for the Deific, is on a hunt for the ancient vampire who calls himself the Dark Prince. The Dark Prince is creating new vampires and ordering even more to come to the city from all over the world. Charlie senses something terrible is coming, and it's shaken him to the core.

Matters are complicated when he falls in love with Moira, a woman who can fight vampires better than most of his men. But Charlie's not the only one who wants her. The Dark Prince has taken an interest, all because of a secret Moira refuses to tell.


The Devil's Fool (book 1 in the Devil Series)

From USA Today bestselling author, Rachel McClellan, comes a new series that will leave you breathless and wanting more. For fans of Anne Rice and Laurell K. Hamilton, experience a paranormal romance where vampires and witches collide.

Eve's power-hungry, witch parents will kill at the slightest insult, and Eve's unwillingness to use her own supernatural abilities is enough to incite them. Boaz, a powerful vampire, may be the only one able to save her, to give her the one thing she's never had--love. But in Eve's world, no one is who they seem, and the more she stays with him, the more difficult it becomes to spot the true devils, especially when she becomes one herself.

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