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As a Navy SEAL, I’ve been through hell and back.

So, when my life was turned upside down by my brother’s disappearance, I didn’t give up hope.

But, I did give up Sidney.

Her smile, her lips, her sweet scent, all of it haunted my dreams. And, when it didn’t, she was the only thing keeping me alive while the world exploded around me.

Some of my comrades have tasted the “exotic” women, but they never pique my curiosity.

How could they?

When I’ve tasted the sweetest nectar, straight from the source.

But, this was long, long ago.

She’s gone now.

Or is she?

Her phantom keeps haunting me, even as I’m stationed in Vietnam.

This is no place for her and yet here she is, as free as a jungle bird, and just as beautiful.

Heat Rating - Mild to Steamy



False Start (Exclusive)

In The Game of Football, there are winners and losers. The Game of Love? Not so simple.

Seeing Jamie again six years after she broke up with me was a real kick to the gut.

Ever since that night, I’ve locked all thoughts of her away and refused to concentrate on anything but my football career. Now that she’s back, she’s all I want.

But getting her to trust me is near impossible, and my fame-hungry ex-girlfriend isn’t helping…

Caz is a sexy temptation that’s hard to ignore. The problem is that the media thinks he’s still dating that supermodel, and Caz won’t set them straight.

The tension between us is threatening to end my career. I don’t know if I can let Caz back in my life, but I don’t know if he’ll take no for an answer…



Drop kicked (Exclusive)

Emma is in charge of renegotiating Jackson's new contract, and she has a SECRET!! She's been sleeping with Jackson's biggest rival, and she's carrying his baby. Will Emma's past stop her from a future with Jackson - the BEST quarterback in football, or can she convince him that she's worth it??

Heat Rating - Mild to Steamy