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Dream Girl

Dominic is the sexy, handsome star of TV's most popular reality dating show...and Chloe is the one girl who doesn't fall all over him. This book is sizzling hot with steamy, sexy scenes. Enjoy!


Hotter in Hawaii

A free trip to Hawaii with a ripped, sexy man who's drool-worthy? Yes, please! There's just one problem -- Zach's sort of an asshole. And he's her boss. And when the plane has to make an emergency landing in Phoenix, things only get less fun for Harper Grainger, photographer extraordinaire, who's not a fan of airplanes to start. But as they spend time together in what's admittedly not the most tropical paradise on Earth, Harper finds that Zach is actually - sort of nice. Smart. And very, *very* sexy. Too bad he's still the same commitment-phobic guy she first met, because when they go back home, it's going to be hard to leave this week behind as just a memory...

Hotter in Hawaii is an 80K-word romance with high heat, steamy scenes, and an HEA. Enjoy!