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Science Fiction
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Stockholm Sexy

Beautiful. Deadly. Trapped.

Diedre Meli is ready to leave the murder business, but they won't let her go. Abducted as a child and trained for killing, the only exit interview Dee's going to get from her fake family is six feet under.

"Logan Keys' Stockholm Sexy is a dark and gritty organized crime book that pulls no punches. It has the feel of L.J. Shen's Sparrow and A. Zavarelli's Crow, but with more ominous shadows." The Book Curmudgeon

"If you want a story that makes your heart race... this is it!" Amazon Review

"I sat on the edge of my seat the entire time. The plot is awesome, the characters are real, and the pace is spot on. This series might be my favorite of Keys' books. Phenomenal!" Bestselling Author D. Nichole King

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La La Land (Preview) (The Last City Series)

A rebel who's revived to save the planet. A soldier with a monster locked inside.

Liza and Tommy have returned to a destroyed America, continuing their fight for freedom, only this time, their search will end with the same madmen and women who've engineered new monsters trying to create the perfect soldier.
Faster. Smarter. Hungrier.
These rejects from the special program have replaced the undead at the top of the food chain.
Blood suckers roam the wilds, while brutal youths trap unsuspecting travelers. 
No place is safe.



Barkley Five OH

The power of attachment. The pain of connection. An ability to love. Barkley 50's special programming allows him to mimic human emotions, perhaps a little too well. He finds himself navigating this new-found humanity in a place that's losing its own. And with the passing of each one of his owners, the world grows closer to its end, forcing Barkley to fear the future, a thing he's never contemplated until now.

What will he do when there's no one left at all?   



The Last City (A Zombie Dystopian Novel)

A prisoner who's given super-strength. A soldier hiding a monster inside.

Sixteen-year-old Liza and seventeen-year-old Tommy may be strangers,but their goals are the same: dismantle the cruel government that holds the last-standing city hostage.

Since the undead plague destroyed the planet, Authority reins. Rules for citizenship in Anthem are endless. No color. Follow curfew.Obey the purged guardians, or face life without parole, even death.

Liza may hold the key to resetting the world.

Tommy might have to lead the last stand and battle himself.

Against. All. Authority.

The Last City is an action-packed adventure that only gets more chilling through each dark new twist.