Rae was born in South Africa and came to England in 1987 to visit family. She liked the weather so much she decided to stay. After a writing holiday on the little Greek Island of Skyros Rae had an epiphany and realised she should be writing on a more full time basis. It was probably heat stroke since she hadn't seen much sun in a while.

Rae first got the writing bug around age 12 but started with incredibly soppy poetry which always rhymed. From 13 onwards she wrote angst ridden teenage poetry, so embarrassing the existence of it probably shouldn’t be mentioned. Round about 14 Rae wrote her first novel in the fantasy genre – Panthra. Due to the constraints of school and long hours spent at the ice rink training for competitions she abandoned her novel and began to write short stories. She however kept up the poetry and has piles of notebooks on a shelf in her writing cubby as evidence of her early productivity.

After moving to the UK Rae’s notebooks stayed tucked away in a trunk and didn’t see the light of day until she went off to university as a mature student. Even with all the required reading she still managed to write a fair amount of poetry and began the bare bones of an idea for a science fiction novel which centred round the environment. She finished this novel before starting her teacher training but it was left to languish on a computer disc. Remember those?

13 years into Rae’s teaching career she found herself whiling away odd moments on a rather long short story (15,000 words) about a young woman who has a terrifying ability. This was the piece of writing she decided to take along to her writing holiday in Skyros. The group comments received about this story spurred Rae to leave teaching and focus attention on her writing.


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Arabella Love

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Six Degrees

When you write a novel, peripheral characters often ask you to tell their side of the story. At times their voices are so loud and persistent in your head that they are hard to ignore. Six Degrees grew out of this and my desire to play with the short story form as well as try my hand at Flash Fiction.

In these vignettes several peripheral characters from Six Dead Men and its upcoming prequel, Palindrome, tell the reader what they think of the Deed family (mum – Rowena, Dad – Arthur, son – Robert). Sometimes the Deeds get to say their piece too. There are also hints of things to come in Palindrome. So as one of my favourite poets would say: read “wid de whole of yu eye”.



Where Rainbows Hide

19 year old Neera Luxquaera still has no clue where her life is going. Hopelessly drifting from one job to the next she finally finds employment on-board a shuttle heading out on an expedition beyond her Domed world. On-board she meets Chi, a genetically engineered chimpanzee and Zaq, a child genius who appears more mad-scientist than juvenile. Will this last ditch attempt to find her niche in a fractured world finally help Neera see the rainbows she’s been searching for so long?