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Cinderella Blackmail

No longer the loner she was in high school, reporter Mackenzie Rivers will do anything she can to save her news site--even if it means going head-to-head with her old high school nemesis. And some things just never change, especially the entitled, arrogant Jacob Hartley.

But when she gets her hands on incriminating photos that Jacob would rather keep buried, it just might be the answer to this Cinderella's problems. After all, blackmailing her way into the Hartleys' exclusive gala is strictly business. Now if only this prince would stop being so damn charming....


Heiress at Sea (Barely a Fairy Tale Novella)

When Kate Ashton jumps off the singles' cruise from hell, she doesn't intend to drown. She just wants to escape. See the world. Maybe have an adventure or two. Now she's stranded on a Greek isle with the hot bartender who saved her life, and he's just the taste of danger she needs . This could be her one chance to experience the world she's never known and a love like nothing she's ever felt before. But this bartender has secrets, and losing her heart to him could cost her everything.

From the contemporary romantic comedy series, Barely a Fairy Tale, comes a modern day take on The Little Mermaid, where an heiress finds her place in the world, but not without risking her heart.