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Scarlett - the Devil's Daughter

A new contemporary college-set, New Adult/ coming of age romance. If you like an epic fantasy romance adventure then look no further.

Introducing the gripping new series - The Devil's Children

Scarlett Knight is The Devil's Daughter. Along with her four brothers and two sisters she is forced to do whatever her father says.

The trouble is when it goes against everything you want it's time to think one step ahead of them all.

This time Scarlett will need to manipulate her whole family to save the man she loves.

This is one Summer they will never forget.



ypical, when I meet the man of my dreams - he is on his Honeymoon!

This is the story of my life. Most of my time is spent working and the only excitement I get is re-organising a cupboard on my day off. I get my kicks from watching reality TV and talking to my potted plant Malcolm. My family is desperate to marry me off to just about anybody because I am known locally as the weird one because I'm still single at 30. Tinder is no longer my friend and I'm in serious need of a life makeover.

So, to escape my sad and lonely life I organised a trip away with my four closest friends. Far from being a relaxing week of sun, sand, sea, and tequila, it quickly descends into chaos.
Who knew that one week away would change so many lives forever?

PS: If you've ever wondered what your Cabin Crew