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Always with You

Cupid runs the Bowman's Inn, and he's on a mission to heal hearts. All's going well until Ann Paulo walks into his bar.

Ann has had one companion in her life, Han, a Native American dog. He's her everything, but Han disappears into the woods. Ann follows only to be swept back in time where she meets a young brave, Hanyetu-wi.

Hearts are torn asunder as Han and Ann are sought after by the witch Wi. Hiding isn't an option. Together they must face the enemy, but can Ann follow her heart? Or does she travel back to the present day, never to see those glorious honey colored eyes again?

Always with you is a modern retelling of a Native American Legend about the sun, moon, and dawn, previously published as part of the Bowman's Inn Anthology. The rules are simple. Cupid own a bar and works his