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Ghosts in the Graveyard

Katrina has been feeling a little lost lately. Her coven is falling apart, the guy she likes is more distant than ever, and she doesn’t feel overly connected with her magic anymore. With Halloween coming up, she desperately needs her friends, sans men, plus some direction in her life.
Gathering the remaining coven members (with one addition), she is determined that they will forget their troubles, honor those that they have lost, and look to the future, but an uninvited guest has a different plan—one that could kill those she holds most dear. With the help of a handsome stranger dressed as Jack the Ripper, she will do everything in her power to save her friends and this night from ruin.


Psyche Souffle

Half-vampire turned baker Maggie was always a hopeless romantic—until years of being beaten down by love made her finally give up. Now she has been recruited to mend the relationship of a couple destined to be together but who are falling apart. If she’s going to succeed, she’ll have to truly discover what matters most.


If the Broom Fits

Following the clues left behind by her mother, a dark witch, Frost embarks on a journey to not only end her curse, but to protect the friends she never believed she could have. However, more than she bargained for is waiting for her to return home. And a danger like she has never known turns her from the hunter to the prey.



Fairytale Ambrosia

When your professional life is going well, fate has a way of ruining everything else. At least, that’s what’s happening to half-vampire Maggie Edwards.
While her bakery is taking off without a hitch, her personal life is going up in flames. Her best friend needs Maggie more than ever, a demon is out for her blood, the resident psychic keeps having visions of a woman abducting people in their sleep, and an all too sexy jinni has taken a little too much interest in her life.