Judith Lucci is an Amazon Best Seller Author who hails from the Commonwealth of Virginia. She holds graduate and doctoral degrees from Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of Virginia. She has been a practicing clinical nurse for over 25 years and is currently a professor of Nursing at a major University in the Southern United States. She is the author of numerous academic and health-related articles and documents. Her Alexandra Destephano series is based on her experiences living and teaching in New Orleans. She is also the author of the Michaela McPherson, Private Eye series. When not teaching or writing, Judith is an avid silk painter and watercolor artist. She divides her time between the mountains of Virginia and the Mississippi Gulf Coast. She welcomes interactions with her fans and can be reached at or


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The Case of Dr. Dude

At the intersection of greed and evil…

…lies a human trafficking.

Can McPherson crack the case?

Retired homicide detective Michaela McPherson put in her twenty and got out. Now, she runs a cop bar and does a little sleuthing on the side with her former partner, retired police dog, Angel. It was a pretty good setup, until she heard about the case.

A young woman went to the dentist.

And wasn’t seen again.

Michaela has a theory, but she can’t prove it. Things get worse when they learn of the woman has diabetes and her time is running out. She must connect the dots, or the suffering will be unimaginable.

If they’re going to save the woman…

…they’ll need to catch a break.

You’ll love this first book in the series, because the characters keep you from putting the book down.


Obsession Proof ARC

When your father's a terrorist and wants to kill you…

… the obsession never ends. Instead, it passes to your children.

Can Sonia save the child she loves?

Dr. Sonia Amon, retired Army major and battlefield surgeon, based on intelligence from the CIA learns her terrorist father plans to kidnap her son. She accepts a menial position at Carter’s mlitary school to protect him.

…But can she?

Did the CIA mislead her?

Who can she trust? There are spies everywhere.

Sonia does her best…

But Carter disappears.

Sonia Amon Novels – Stories of love, strength, vulnerability and grit.


Angelina's Tale

A young woman's flirtation with evil has life-threatening consequences. A story from the Black Magic Bayou Anthology due out Summer 2107.


The Case of the Man Overboard

Two Murders, A Man Overboard, And A Run-in With Big Pharma And Organised Crime.

After an intense year of solving crime in their home town of Richmond, Virginia, Michaela, Dottie and retired canine Angel, travel to Europe to spend much needed leisure time at the Borghase Estate outside of Rome. Unfortunately, their plans are upended by a series of catastrophes.

A Vacation From Hell

A luxury cruise around the Mediterranean culminates their trip and becomes a nightmare as Mic and Dottie investigate an American pharmaceutical company's release of a 'dirty' drug. The threesome meet up with lethal, dangerous and heinous criminals from their past and the cruise becomes a living hell.

How do you commit murder on a cruise ship while at sea and get away with it when there's nowhere to run?



The Most Awfullest Crime of the Year: Gawd Almighty and the Corn (Artsy Chicks Mysteries #2)

Will Lily and LauraLea Ever Learn?

It was hot. Too hot. The Dog Days of Summer always were.
The Artsy Chicks had been painting, teaching classes, crafting and blending the Art Gallery’s famous Wine Slushees for hordes of thirsty customers. Things seem okay until Lily notices that Gawd Almighty, the Gallery’s pet possum has disappeared. A short time later, Dr. Kenzie Zimbro, the medical examiner for the mountain area, stops by the Gallery and tells the Chicks about the strange murder of a Virginia Tech Biology Professor at the tip-top of the mountain. His dead body was surrounded by kernels of corn. Lily and LauraLea put on their detective caps to search for Gawd Almighty and find themselves tangled-up with the Hillbilly Clan and in a life-threatening position.


Chaos at Crescent City Medical Center


The Imposter