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Dirty Debt

I hate owing our local loan shark money. I’m determined to pay him off and run my club as a totally legit business without any outside help.
But when I see him putting the squeeze on Shay, I go ballistic. She’s tough, stubborn, and as independent as I am…but I can’t resist her curves, and I can’t see her in trouble and not protect her.
Now she owes me instead of him. And I have to figure out how to keep that from coming between us.
Because I’m done with distance.
She’s not what I planned for my life, but things have changed. Shay is mine.
I just have to convince her.


The Enforcer

I long ago accepted my place in the shadows.

My sole purpose is to enforce order in the chaos of the criminal world, to make sure that those who break the rules pay for their transgressions with their money or with their blood. There is no room for me in the “real” world.


When I look at her, her gentle smile, her beautiful brown skin, and the soft, beckoning curves of her body, I can’t help but dream… It’s foolish; she’s too innocent, too kind for a monster like me, so I’ve been content to watch her from afar.

And then one day she spoke to me, and I knew my life—and hers—would never be the same…


The Mercenary