Jim Hodgson started writing in the mid 90s, after high school. When his adoptive mother passed in 2006, he turned to his writing as a means of coping with her loss. From there it became an invaluable part of his life.

He likes his wife, bikes, cars, and outside. He is an Ironman finisher, an ultramarathon finisher, and has summited Kilimanjaro and Aconcagua.

He can be contacted via email at


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Santa vs. Krampus Preview

What if wizards were real but we knew them as mall Santas?

They wield a system of magic that draws on the power of swear words to battle the forces of the evil Krampus; words like "*&%$!" and "#$%^!"

Daniel is a college kid who needs a job. He finds work at the mall Santa kiosk but almost loses his life on his first day when Krampus's minions attack. He learns magic is real, Santas are wizards, and swear words hold great power.

There's an ongoing battle against evil for the fate of the world. Can Daniel take up the fight? Can he learn to do magic too? Will the Santas survive the onslaught of the forces of Krampus? Find out in Santa vs. Krampus!



Dangerous Dan Preview

SciFi smartass "Dangerous" Dan McNamara doesn't want to chase you. He definitely doesn't want to take you to jail. He's got his own problems. He's been a bit useless lately, but to be fair, it all goes back to his wife's unexplained disappearance. He gets some news that could be a clue. He might have a chance to find out who took his wife, and if he has to save Earth in the process of finding her, well, that's fine too. After all, they don't call him "Dangerous" for nothing ... as far as you know.



Penny Selling: How a Wizard Accidentally Got Into the Drug Trade

Eustace is a former soldier turned collections man looking to put violence behind him and pursue honest business. Jeff of Terminus is a wizard with bizarre fashion sense who is behind on payments. When Eustace is sent to collect a debt, he learns that the wizard has discovered a healing powder. A powder? Unheard of. The only way to heal someone is magic. Expensive magic! They go into business selling the powder, but problems arise when the church learns they're getting too popular with the townspeople. It's a battle of organization against innovation, and our boys may not survive.


Ten Thousand Gods Episode 1

In this darkly funny book, we find out what would happen if the gods walked among mortals. Which gods? All gods. All religions. At the same time. But there aren't just religious gods. Oh no. There are also gods of things that people do religiously. Swimming? God. Bowling? God. Atheism? ...actually, yes!

Phineas Sealby is a deity beat reporter at the Atlanta Record. His heart-felt reporting style puts him in a bad position with his publisher, who is also his girlfriend's dad. If he has any hope of keeping his job and the love of his life, he must contact and interview the one god no one has seen yet.

The god has to exist. He just has to. And Phineas has to find him. There's just one problem: that god is Satan. Come along on a paradoxical, bizarre journey literally to Hell and back with p