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Historical Romance
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The Groom May Kiss The Groom

Beckett Sutherland has the kind of baseball career that makes most athletes jealous. He gets the sponsorships, he gets the shining media profile, and he gets the girls. As egos go, you’d think his was about to pop – but he’s a nice enough guy that he seems to get away with his swaggering confidence.

Charlie Adams, on the other hand, is just an up-and-comer. He’s worked hard since college to even get in front of the professional baseball talent scouts, and now he’s finally being offered a position on a team.

Just so happens that it’s the same team as his college room-mate, Beck Sutherland – so Charlie’s forced to wonder whether he actually earned his spot, or if his old buddy pulled a few strings. Either way, having Beck around is going to make it even harder to carve himself a...



Midnight Love

Drake Mahogany, a dragon shifter and homosexual, has relished in newfound success after starting an escort agency that provides housing and support for those like him. However, even in the frosty Colorado mountains, things can turn sour. Finding his lover and business partner, Arden Forrest, murdered in their private cabin, Drake finds himself pinned as the prime suspect.
Enter August Rhodes, a private investigator who thinks the budding businessman is anything but guilty. To him, the killing seems deeper than corporate jealousy, and more passionate than heart-crossed anger. Pressed for time and answers, he seeks the help of the man whose innocence he yearns to prove.
The two draw closer in their quest for truth, budding their partnership into a relationship that will only jeopardize...



Moonlight Men

Sex, Murder, And Mystery

Kato Black, a handsome male escort with a solid name in the sex industry, is left beside himself after hearing that his colleague was found strangled in a motel room. Turning to the police he encounters Andrew Dole, an FBI man whose dedication to his appearance matches his thirst for justice.

But Andrew thirsts for so much more. The muscular officer detects the young escort’s attraction to him, sending their relationship into a whirlwind of sex, murder, and doubt as Kato begins to question his safety as a sex worker in a city where crime is on the rise.

Kato’s love for Andrew blossoms in their search for answers, leaving him to choose either success or security. Taking place in the middle of one of the most difficult cases yet, what results is a fast-paced...



The Vampire's Offspring

Domenico Spent His Life Not Wanting To Be With Another Vampire... But That All Changes When He Meets Orfeo

Being a vampire does not make life any less complicated.

Domenico and Orfeo have their own complications when it comes to life testing their love.

Domenico never wanted to have a life- partner from the clan of vampires.

He looks for his soul mate in humans females all his life.

However, when the time comes to present a baby to his clan, he discovers that he is in love with a male vampire.

He undergoes turmoil of his own thoughts and takes in his friend, Thyia to help him sort out his situation.

After all the ifs and buts of his life are resolved, and his partner is pregnant with his...

This is a 16,000 Word Romance Short Story.


Dragon Child

The Lives Of Alan And Brian Turn Upside Down When Their Hate Turns Into Passion

Alan despises dragon shifter ancestry, denying his family by keeping them at the greatest distance. Having been born into the most vicious of all the shifter clans, there was nothing for him to do but put up a personal fight to make his own escape to the city to create a sophisticated life of his own. The last thing he wants to do is pass on those genes to a baby, leaving him dreadfully afraid of romantic attachment to another in any way. Having built his business from scratch he is now one of the wealthiest men in the city and also known as one of the most eligible bachelors. Needless to say, as a shifter, there is much more to be seen in the males of the human species than of the women.

Brian is an...



The Vampire's Bodyguard

Willis Vaughn is a king with a problem. He has fallen deeply in love with another man and now desperately wants him to be his mate. But he is a vampire and the man he loves is a werewolf – and both species are sworn enemies.
And then there is the not so small issue of his fiancée, Luna. A formidable woman intent on getting her own way!
With his kingdom in disarray and open war breaking out, Willis realizes he needs to bring unity to the land. Might that way be to lead by example and bring equality between the vampires and werewolves – starting with him?
Can Will’s love for a werewolf transcend his people’s long feud with them? Or is his crown – and his romance – doomed to failure?
Because unless he can do something, there will be no hope for him and the vampires of ever living in peace.



Mating Dragon

If A Passionate Night Doesn't Turn These Enemies To Lovers... Surely Having A Child Together Will

Love and hate often come as two parts of the same coin.

In more cases than each of us would like to admit, the thing which we superficially seem to despise, turns out to be the very same thing we subliminally desire more than anything.

The story of Tom and Ian is not just a regular romance story, but a deeper approach which discovers what happens within the deepest realms of our subconscious minds when we face what psychologists term as an approach and avoidance conflict.

This mind-spreading piece of art is unique in its honest representation of the mindset of two characters which stand as prototypes of what many individuals, mostly LGBT people, can relate to.

The story is given a...



Breath Of Life

Despite Their Differences... Allan And Brian Need Each Other More Than Ever To Protect Themselves... And Their Baby

Allan was the kind of man that everybody respected, but also secretly hated behind his back. He was the boss of a company that dealt with mostly stocks and bonds for those that were ready to have that retirement that they deserved. Brian had never liked Alan, but that changed and now he was ready to give birth to a dragon shifter. Unfortunately, their happiness will be short-lived when a rival faction has taken exception to him going beyond tradition. There is a bounty on both of their heads and just in time for the birth of the baby. They will have no choice but to rely on one another even with Brian suffering the effects of what their union has ultimately given him...