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Alexa is on an exotic island with her boyfriend, soon to be ex after being with him for a few days. When she goes onto a forbidden hiking trail in the jungle, her world turns upside down as she discovers four men with their own plantations... who think and act like it's the 1800s. Did she really travel back in time, or is there something more sinister going on?

Twisted is a stand-alone short story.


Eyes of Persuasion

Eyes of Persuasion is a genre mash-up of paranormal and historical romance.

When her parents are murdered, Lady Isabeau Maybrick is taken in by an abusive uncle to help pay his gambling debts. But Isabeau has a secret, a talent hidden since birth. Her gift helps to keep her out of the whorehouse and out of trouble—that is, until she meets Everett Radcliff.

Hard working Everett Radcliff detests high society and finds plenty of excuses to avoid it. But when he meets Lady Maybrick, he can’t help but be enthralled by her violet eyes. When he hires an investigator to uncover a crook, his path crosses with hers, throwing them into a world of mystery, murder, and surprisingly, love.