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Taking His Own

Ten years ago, Chance Madison shattered my heart. Now, he thinks he can buy it back.

He was the mysterious young genius everyone wanted – and he chose me. Our love burnt so brightly not even the ocean between us could put it out.

Each of his letters ended with the same sweet words. Wait for me, Zara. I love you. I’m coming to you.

That’s how I learnt life’s cruellest lesson: never trust a man’s promises.

Now, every dream he once whispered in my ear has come true. He’s the king of a business empire. Heart-stoppingly handsome. Richer than my wildest imaginings.

That’s the world he chose over me. Well, he can keep it.

One look at his storm-dark eyes and I risk wrecking my heart all over again


The CEO's Secret

I play the game better than anyone...but I’ll break every rule for her.


You know my name. It’s on the front of the building: Kelsey Technologies. I built it, I own it. I’m a man with one thing on my mind. The only thing that’s ever mattered: making money.

Then Clarissa Hart walks into my office. Five foot six of sweet perfection wrapped up in a tight black skirt. I’ve seen my fill of secretaries eager for a piece of their billionaire boss. Clarissa, she’s in a league of her own...and bad for business. I’ve learned that from bitter experience.

Then why can’t I stop thinking about her?

Clarissa Hart, I’m going to take what I need from you. Your body, first. But with a desire this strong, that’s just the beginning...

This is a standalone romance with no cheating and an HEA