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Science Fiction

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Taken: Stories of the Alien Invasion Book 1

Alien spaceships appear in our skies, crushing our defenses. On Earth, civilization collapses as humanity struggles to survive. The apocalypse is upon us, and humanity cannot defend itself.

College student Rachel and her boyfriend flee to the countryside, hoping to avoid the aliens. But living on the run isn't easy - and the question is what will get them first, the aliens - or their own hunger.

Taken is the first novella in the Stories of the Alien Invasion series, where Rachel and others like her sacrifice and struggle to survive and protect their loved ones.


Aliens In Our Way Book 1: Hunter

A decade ago, an apocalyptic plague altered the course of civilization. Hunter, as she’s now called, suffered two seismic tragedies: the loss of her husband and a mind-boggling break from reality. Now, her husband and the strange visions that once defined her have returned, but their connection to the past threatens to destroy her future.
Desperate to maintain some semblance of control over the new life she’s created for herself and the tribe of women and children she’s protected since the fall of man, Hunter must battle an alien A.I. that hell-bent on world domination and mass assassinations.
Will she survive the next test in the battle to carve out a life for herself among the ruins?