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Chad Sanborn is an award-winning crime fiction author who's also written journalism features, documentaries, speeches, and produced interactive, multimedia stories.

He contends he had little choice but to turn to a life of crime...fiction. He was cursed, he says, with “a criminal’s mind but a coward’s stomach.”

He is the author of the crime fiction series, "The Billy Keene Stories", and the award-winning short story, "The Cutting", among others.

Dark and darkly funny, "The Billy Keene Stories (All Debts, Public And Private, Getaway)" feature a young, small-town sheriff growing into his job as he tries to comes to truly know -- and sometimes apprehend -- the unhinged people he grew up around.

"Broken Heartland," the next book in the series, will be available in 2017.

Chad lives in Kansas City and loves to hear from readers. You can connect with him at



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A financial advisor with a gambling problem. His sexaholic best friend. And one very attractive and very bored young woman.

When they all meet, it turns into a vicious game of cat and mouse—but who’s the cat and who’s the mouse?

And before it’s over, everyone will be betting against their own better nature to to survive this weekend getaway.

With Getaway, award-winning crime fiction author Chad Sanborn give readers a fun, sexy and twisted introduction to some of the unhinged characters populating his crime fiction series, The Billy Keene Stories.

Pick up Getaway to discover this darkly funny series today!