Bree Verity grew up on a diet of tea, love, romance, old movies and musicals. It's no wonder she writes love stories - contemporary or historical, she doesn't mind. Love and romance are timeless.
She lives in Perth Western Australia with her teenage son, her long-suffering partner, and her two attentive rescue dogs, Millie and Boofhead. She keeps it very quiet from them that she is equally a cat person.
She dreams of going off-grid and building a tiny house, although she realises she would very quickly go crazy in a confined space, and she might die from lack of electricity.
She also dreams of travelling everywhere and seeing everything, and is waiting for someone to invent cloning so she can accomplish this worthy goal.


Historical Fiction
Historical Romance
Women's Fiction

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The Hidden Duchess

When a haughty Duchess is forced to become a peasant farmer, she doesn’t expect to find redemption, or the love of her life.

Celeste, duchesse de Saint Tours is forced into hiding with her peasant cousins to avoid arrest over her husband's murder. She doesn’t expect to be put to work as a peasant farmer. Neither does she expect to enjoy it.

And she certainly doesn’t expect to fall in love with her handsome cousin, Marcel.

To her surprise, she discovers a feeling of purpose and belonging that she never felt before.

But when her identity is revealed, Celeste and Marcel will need to fight, not only for their love, but for Celeste’s very life, as revolutionary forces close in.

This Second Edition has been completely revised, shortened and edited.


Miss Fenella's Fault

Regency Romance ~ with a little magic!
Fenella is a brand new Fairy Godmother, undergoing her apprenticeship under the watchful eye of her mentor, Lachlan (who is also a fairy godmother...)
But everything she does seems to go wrong and her godchild, Letty, doesn't even want her help anymore.
Letty, for her part, just wants to marry her beau, Captain James Stirling, but her father is opposed to the match - to the point where he won't even let Letty see James.
How can Fenella save the day and give Letty the happily ever after she deserves?



The Viscount's Valentine

Freddie, Viscount Marchand, thinks that his wooing of Miss Mariah Pinkerton has all been in vain, when his extravagant Valentine’s gift goes unacknowledged and Miss Pinkerton seems to favour another gentleman.

Mariah thinks the gift came from someone else, and that Freddie has cooled toward her. She wonders if she should bestow her favour the other gentleman, considering that she is nineteen and well on the way to being on the shelf!

Will Mariah realise her mistake before it's too late? Or will the Viscount’s Valentine be nothing but a portent of disaster?

A short, sweet Victorian romance.