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Phillip T. Stephens left home at the early age of forty-five when his parents said, “Get a job.” After his two highly successful sisters refused to support him, he landed a job as a comedy writer for Esther’s Follies in Austin, Texas. That job lasted for six months, during which he failed to write a single skit that appeared on stage. Nor could he collect unemployment since the writer’s job was paid in sandwiches, beer and potato chips. The aliens abducted him while offering one-liners in trade for spare change on Austin’s Sixth Street only to return him when they realized his brain possessed no useful knowledge, only the drafts of four novels which he already published.

His wife Carol, who rescues Siamese for found him sleeping in a cat shelter and adopted him as well. Since he can’t afford a divorce lawyer she lets him stay in an abandoned cat tower in her rescue room with an iPad he found in a dumpster.


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