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No Safe Haven Preview

A gripping post-apocalyptic survival thriller for fans of Hunger Games and Wolf Road.

When a deadly pandemic ravages the country, Raven finds herself isolated at her family's zoo. Using the skills her father taught her, Raven knows how to survive.

But the threat is just beginning. As the outside world collapses into chaos, a dangerous gang discovers Raven's refuge. And they'll stop at nothing to take what she has...

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Rising Storm Preview

A gripping near-future apocalyptic series perfect for fans of Maze Runner and Hunger Games.

To privileged Amelia, the lavish Grand Voyager is just another gilded cage. For Gabriel, a covert resistance fighter, it's his one chance for vengeance.

But when terrorists storm the ship, Amelia and Gabriel are forced into an uneasy alliance. As the lines between enemies and allies blur, they uncover an even greater threat—and it’s already on the ship.

Now, they're thrust into a battle not just for their survival, but for the fate of humanity itself.

If you like apocalyptic thrillers with cool tech, unique settings, and vivid characters, you'll enjoy this fast-paced dystopian perfect for fans of Legend and Divergent.

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The Good Sister: A Novelette

Nineteen-year-old Emilyn prides herself on being good—a good girlfriend, a good daughter, a good sister. But when her manipulative, drug-addicted sister makes a wild accusation against their father, Emilyn’s safe and predictable world explodes into turmoil.

Torn between her devastated parents and the sister she could never understand, she’s forced to make an impossible choice. Who will she betray?

*This Freebie includes the complete The Good Sister story as well as bonus preview chapters for Beneath The Skin and Who We Are Instead*