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Science Fiction
Teen & Young Adult

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Christopher Furlong has come to terms with the challenges in his life after his military convoy was blown up by an IED in Afghanistan.
Today, Chris is drawn into stopping an attempted abduction on the street. His reality flips and in moments he's fighting for his life against Alien assassins, who want to kill a woman enclosed in the car. He helps her to escape but not without injury. He is rebuilt using biological techniques thousands of years ahead of human technology.
And that's when his old-world melts away to give rise to the new world of Candice Negasi and Extremis Foundation.
Chris becomes her trusted Chauffeur but as his gift of finding the weakness in any known system becomes acuter, he is to play a much larger role in protecting Earth from ultimate invasion.



Messiah: A Tale from the Bad II the Bone Archives

Detective Inspector Winston Shaft McFarlane is no stranger to the unexplained. Being at the sharp end of a new division whose assignment was to investigate cult related homicides from the African Diaspora sometimes the unexplained came with the territory. Not until he met Bad II the Bone the legendary Guardians of the Light did everything he know of the world come into question. And tonight of all nights he is reminded that the world he inhabits is a monstrously dangerous one. On his way to a music concert Shaft is shanghaied into protecting a pregnant African woman from mysterious assailants. With Jamaican warrior princess Suzy Wong from Bad II the Bone having his back, what starts off as voices in his head ends with a struggle between a body hopping demon and his disciples.


In the Days of Dread

On the streets of a future London, race hate gangs have been waging a bloody war for years. A united Africa and a struggling European Union have fuelled a dangerously twisted sense of patriotism amongst a desperate few.

In a city gone mad two people were searching for sanity amidst the confusion.

Yasmeen Beyene – a beautiful Rasta historian is facing a series of tragedies in her life that are more than mere misfortune.

Asim Marshal – Ex lieutenant of Special OP’S Africa, has returned from the bloody conflicts on the continent to rebuild a family he near destroyed.

They both meet at a family reunion and are inexplicably drawn to each other. But their relationship is to be tested to its core by Yasmeen's family history. A history that is awash with blood and violence.