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Women's Fiction

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*Preview* Small Town Secret

I’ve loved him for a lifetime but what he did is not something that can easily be forgiven.

He was the star football player in high school and my brother’s very best friend.

He could’ve had any girl so why did he have to choose that one.

He ruined everything, everyone and now he’s back to complicate my already complicated life.

I have a son to worry about and there’s no room for the past.


Command Love

It’s going to take a Christmas miracle to keep me out of his bed again

I’m face to face with the man that broke my heart forever ago.

Flooded with memories and emotions, I’m completely weak and yet I have to look stone cold.

This is the military and my work has brought me here for a purpose.

My case matters and his cocky beautiful face isn’t going to stop me from looking for the truth.

He’s dangerous, this case is dangerous, but the only protection I need is for my heart.



Hard Cut Hitman

I was a criminal with nothing to lose, until she came into my life.

Now I have more than I’ve ever wanted.

For the first time in my life now, I’m actually afraid.

Afraid of what I would do if anyone in my hard and dangerous world of crime even touches a single hair on her pretty little head.


Royally Remembered

Can his love really be unconditional when he finds out how complicated my life is?

She’s been though a lot since high school

I can tell

She wants to be someone else, but I want her to know she is enough

I know she's being hurt by him

and continues to be hurt by him

I won’t let it happen anymore

I don’t care what anyone else thinks

She is the one I want

But will she choose me?