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Jeffrey Dejent grew up and went to school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He graduated from college in 1970. Away from the keyboard Jeff likes to ride bicycles and go jogging. When it snows he dabbles in things like software defined radios and computer hacking. Jeff welcomes comparisons / criticisms of his novels and screenplays against the works of the late greats Stephen J. Cannell, Mister Tom Clancy, and Mister James Patterson. He would be happy to ghostwrite for one of the big names in the entertainment industry. Problem is, the lines are so long, you have to take a number. ... If you cannot find anything new by Tom Clancy or James Patterson you should give Jeff a try. If your favorite TV shows include: Criminal Minds, NCIS, and Numbers. You will enjoy Jeff. Comments? Questions? Look for Jeff Dejent on his Amazon Author's page, facebook, and goodreads. Jeffrey Wayne Dejent, Novels and Screenplays, in association with Dynamic Entry Productions, LLC


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