NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling author Catherine Vale loves to write about curvy gals, and guys with growl. From urban fantasy tales of magic and mayhem, to paranormal romance where guys sprout fur, and gals aren't afraid to bite, one of her favourite things to do is to create unique stories that thrill her readers.

Catherine lives in the beautiful capital of Canada with her husband and kids. When she isn't busy writing her stories, you can find her singing karaoke, spending time with her family, and dancing with the girls to 80's rock.

If you love reading about magical creatures with sass and snark, sexy shifters who aren't afraid to get their fur dirty and dominant alpha men, check out Catherine's books anywhere books are sold!

Looking to connect with Catherine? She would love to hear from you! Visit her @ or on twitter @valeromance


Women's Fiction

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Happily Ever Alpha

Arya has lost everything… her clothes, her jewels, her home, and even her beloved parents—all gone in the blink of an eye. To go from the tearooms of London to a farm in the country was hard enough, but then she found caught between two men who are intent on destroying each other.

The handsome Lucas sweeps in at her weakest moment, showing her incredible kindness and compassion. He’s strong, hardworking, and gentle—everything she ever wanted in a man.

That is, until she meets Kellan.

Arya begins to feel a mysterious pull toward the darkness of the forest, despite her aunt warning her to stay away. Still, as much as she tries to resist, the call is too powerful to ignore, and she finds herself caught in a mysterious maze that leads her to the most unexpected of places, and to a man unlik



Broken Magic

Meet Alicia Stark: Portal traveler, skilled white witch, kick-ass woman on a mission.

After Alicia's parents disappeared unexpectedly, she made it her life's mission to find them. Her search has taken her into dangerous worlds filled with mythical beasts, dark magic creatures and otherworldly monsters. But nothing could prepare her for the world she is about to enter.

When Alicia finds herself stuck in an unusual world called Wonderland, she knows that it'll take more than spell-work to survive. She will have to risk everything if she wishes to defeat the ruthless Queen who is determined to have her head.

What begins as a curious journey into an unusual realm where nothing is quite what it seems, quickly turns into a battle for survival with the most unexpected partner by her side: a my



On The Prowl

Addison James will do anything to save her sister's life, including trekking halfway across the world into the dangerous jungle, in search of an orchid with the power to cure.

The orchid that Addison so desperately seeks, has been plucked to near extinction, and so have the dangerous creatures that lurk in the shadows, waiting to attack. Among them, the powerful black jaguars, and their alpha, Griffin.

When Addison crosses into their territory, and finds herself hiding in the ruins, there's only one thing left to do: face the clan leader, and beg for his help.

Only Griffin needs something in exchange... something shocking that will cross boundaries, and push Addison to the edge. Will she surrender?



Taste of Darkness

Natalya should have known better than to watch the handsome fisherman from the shadows, but she found herself drawn to him, night after night. If she had only stayed away, he would not be suffering a life of eternal darkness. But she couldn’t stay way, and now it’s too late; he’s been turned into an abomination, a creature that will never again be free.

Natalya is all that Caine has left. He just doesn’t know it yet.

Natalya knows better than anyone what it’s like to have her world ripped out from under her, forced into the darkness, never to walk in the sun again. It wasn’t long ago when she was turned into a blood-sucking vamp, a ruthless killer. So when she finds herself to blame for an innocent human being turned, she knows that it’s up to her to save his life. But when Caine awake