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Kensington Books and Lyrical Press Author of the Cursed Series. Books include Ever Bound, Ever After, Ever Tempted, and Ever Lasting.
Self-published Author of Black Soul (The Forbidden Series 1), Tortured Soul (The Forbidden Series 2), and Object of my Protection (Sentinel Series 1).

Odessa Gillespie Black lives in the foothills of North Carolina with her husband and three children. She currently operates an animal rescue from her home and is an activist for the preservation of history and global recycling.


Science Fiction

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Object of my Protection

Dylan Alexander Prototype X-1689 is a sentinel, a cloned partially computerized human made to replace security systems in upper class homes. Sentinels are programmed to operate without emotions that hinder protective instincts, however in Dylan’s case, the programming goes wrong—he falls in love. Rich and pampered, Emilie Grace Ragin has a bright disposition, who looks at the world in a way that no other human does. Raised from an infant with Dylan as her sentinel, she grows to want the forbidden—Dylan’s love. Can they evade the Institution that made Dylan, and find happiness together? Or will the Institution succeed in finding Dylan, recycle him, and wipe all memory of Emilie from his brain?