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Groomed to Perfection - Sneak Peek



Bromantic Preview

“What do you say? You down for a nice bromantic evening?”
Roommates since they were freshmen, Terry Hunter and Robbie Webster are still best buds as they go into senior year. Although Terry is a frat jock and Robbie’s the geeky captain of the Quidditch team, they’re even close enough to adopt a puppy together.
When the power goes out one stormy evening, Terry is comfortable enough with his sexuality to suggest making a “bromantic” night out of it.
“Nothing wrong with spending a little quality time with my best bud.”
Robbie plays along, even when the one-off joke turns into a weekly “date night.” But as Terry pushes the boundaries of what’s acceptable between two straight guys, Robbie finds himself wondering if his own feelings are only for pretend.



Sample: Sweet Deal


Tuned Preview


Runaway Heart - Preview

Marathon. The word is torture to bartender Jesse Greenglass. He only signed up for the sake of a boyfriend who ended up cheating on him. There’s no way he’s running it now. Even if a super handsome - and super straight - stranger is leaning over his bar, saying he’ll run with him.

26.2 miles is nothing to army veteran Mark Riordan. Struggling with PTSD, Mark moved to bucolic Rosebridge, New Hampshire to clear his head - not to fill it with thoughts of a wise-cracking bartender. But there’s something about Jesse that’s drawing Mark in.

An unexpected kiss turns just friends into something miles more complicated. Both men feel the attraction, but their path to love is one hurdle after the next. Will fear keep this pair on the starting line, or will they follow their runaway hearts?


Booked Up - Preview

"I think I just fell for my boss's biggest rival..."

All Cam ever wanted to do was work for his favorite author, Madeleine Stevens. But when her rival Serge pens a harsh review of her new book, Cam's sense of loyalty makes him demand a retraction from Serge.

"I can't let anybody see who I really am..."

When Serge meets the bookish, cardigan-wearing Cam, he is caught off-guard. How can he be so drawn to someone who should be his enemy…and how can he be drawn to another man?

"I can't trust you, but I don't want to spend a minute without you..."

Just as things get real between Cam and Serge, Madeleine's scheming threatens to tear them apart. Can Cam get free of his boss's tangled web? Can Serge forget what the world thinks and admit his love of Cam?



Stray Hearts - Preview

Chris just can’t catch a break. Driving west to escape the flooding that rocked his hometown, he finds himself stranded during a record monsoon in a rural town with a bag of clothes and Henry, the cat he rescued four days prior. Now Henry has gotten lost, and Chris is nearing the end of his rope.

Wandering around during a thunderstorm in the hopes of finding inspiration to cure his creative block, master potter Lucas is surprised to find something else—a terrified and lost cat. He’s even more surprised to discover who the owner is: the handsome newcomer to town.

Deep in the closet and ten years Chris’s senior, Lucas wouldn’t normally have a reason to associate with the young wanderer… if not for Henry the cat, and the unyielding magnetism of fate.


My Leading Man Preview

It’s been twelve years since the boy next door disappeared from Steven Neeson’s life, but he’s never been able to forget the promise they made to each other. When he learns that his old neighbor grew up to become a famous movie star, Steven decides to risk everything and leave his life behind to reunite with his childhood sweetheart.

Kalvin Hinderbrook is Hollywood’s hottest new leading man and most eligible bachelor. He’s spent his entire career avoiding romance in order to keep his orientation hidden, afraid that coming out of the closet would kill his chances to reach the A-List.

In just one passionate night, their reunion breaks every wall Kalvin set up to protect himself, but he can’t afford to fall for Steven again. Can old love be strong enough to transcend the challenge of time?