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The Plainview Lottery, Plus: Sisyphus Revisited & When We Pierce The Mirror

A willing town. An exciting new lottery. A witty journalist who could expose it all in plain view.

Lottery mania takes hold of the town of Plainview as five mysterious strangers introduce a wagon of gold bars as the prize. Award-winning journalist James Henderson is among them, until he discovers no winners are being drawn. He suspects an elaborate scam as he puts his proven skills as an investigative reporter to good use, and searches for the truth.

Poverty, homelessness, unemployment, and theft threaten to destroy the town, as everyone’s focus is on buying the winning ticket. James knows he might be the only one who can save his town from disaster.

If you like thought-provoking satire with laugh-out-loud wit, you’ll love Markas Dvaras' "The Plainview Lottery."