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Sam and Ana: Home for Christmas

Falling snow. Sledding in Central Park. Awkward family visits. And of course, plenty of scrumptious food.

Sam and Ana have found an oasis of happiness in their closet-sized room in Brooklyn. They've both been turned out into the world as teenagers, left to fend for themselves.

Together they manage to keep alive their youthful spirit despite having to grow up to soon, and through it all, form an inseparable bond.

This Christmas they discover new traditions while surviving the old ones.


Call Me Ana: A Love Story

Illiterate runaway Ana Marie hides her true identity from everyone around her to preserve the stable life she’s built. She pieces together a home for herself, but life begins to pass her by one mundane day after another. She’s never been in love. She’s never even felt the excitement of a heart-aching crush. That all changes when a handsome man from out of town shows up at her work. The chemistry between them is unmistakable. There’s just one problem: he doesn’t know who she really is, and if he finds out, it could shatter her world and put him in danger. How will she keep her new love, and keep him safe?