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The Chimpanzee Princess and the Banana

a retelling of the Hans Christen Andersen's story the Princess and the Pea created exclusively as a free download to celebrate children literature.


The Diary of Henry Chimpman Volume1 (from the forest to the zoo)

Henry Chimpman was supposed to be the first chimpanzee in space.
A cross between Forrest Gump and Planet of the Apes. Before the world knew his name, Henry and his family were immigrants to America. Growing up was not easy for this young chimp but he learned to adapt. Between his love of baseball, music and his family, he learns what it takes to be the best he can be. Unfortunately life is not always kind to Henry and he soon discovers that growing up can mean learning the truth and that the truth is not always friendly. Now Henry is on a mission to expose his experience in the space program. Will running for Mayor in the APE Party help his cause, or will it simply turn him into a fugitive?