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Bound By Him

Teacher Valerie Summers is Valentina Summers when she dons the strappy heels and the sexy trench coat. With porcelain skin, soft doe-like eyes, and a model-esque body, Valerie, or Valentina rather, works as a high-end escort, and she’s one of the best. After years on the job, Valerie has become a master at controlling her emotions, and sex is just a tool for her to make money.
That is until Lucas Hill enters the picture. She’s instantly captivated by him, all of him – the alpha-like aura, the Adonis-esque features, and the mystery in his voice. When he hires her for the night, Valerie ends up breaking the rules she’s set up for herself in the bedroom. There’s a power in Lucas’ aura that has her saying ‘yes’ when she’s supposed to say ‘no’, and soon enough, Valerie is having a hard time.