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Thieving Forest (Excerpt)

Winner of the North American Book Award for Historical Fiction.

On a humid morning in 1806, 17-year-old Susanna Quiner watches helplessly from behind a tree while a band of Potawatomi Indians kidnaps her four older sisters from their cabin. With both her parents dead and all the other settlers out in their fields, Susanna rashly decides to pursue them herself. What follows is a young woman's quest to save her sisters and the parallel story of her sisters' new lives.

Fast-paced and richly detailed, Thieving Forest explores the transformation of all five women as the Quiners contend with starvation, slavery, betrayal, and love. It paints a fascinating picture of pioneer life, while telling a gripping tale of survival.



Sugarland (Excerpt)

Reader's Favorite Book Award Winner

Chicago, 1921: Al Capone is on the rise, and a new kind of music called jazz fills the speakeasies. When talented young pianist Eve Riser gets caught in a romantic tryst that ends with the accidental death of a bootlegger, she finds herself caught in a web of petty gangsters, secret shipments, and love.