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Reclaimed Hope Book 1: Her Truth is a Lie, His Lie Holds the Truth

When Jennifer Thompson won an all expenses paid vacation touring Europe, she thought she hit the jackpot. However, she never dreamed she was embarking on an adventure that would rock the foundations of everything she believed true. Her nightmare begins with the brutal murder of every passenger on a train... except her.

David McNally's only family were members of the RNF, an international terrorist organization. Little did he know that when Jennifer Thompson entered his life, his "family" would forever dissipate, everything he knew to be true would vanish, and he would experience true love in its purest form... assuming his once-family doesn't destroy everything.

In a world where the lines of good and evil blur, can Jennifer and McNally find love?



Reclaimed Wonderland

Penny Andrews is a restless monarch. Years have passed since she and Jonathan Zadock embarked on the sensuous marriage ceremony called The Almach. But time hasn’t been friendly to their passion. After far too much time alone, Penny decides to travel home to Minnesota. But living in the “powder keg of the world” makes travel not only risky, it’s downright dangerous.

Jonathan Zadock has his hands full managing the volatile Henri Zone land dispute. His failure to manage this situation would result in worldwide catastrophic consequences. After a horrific altercation, Jonathan fears he’ll not only lose his empire but he discovers his entire family disappeared.

Forced to accept assistance from a covert terrorist organization, Jonathan and Penny’s reunion hinges on the newbie skills of a middle