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Wren in the Mist: An orphan, a thief, magic, and a search for home

She’s trapped in a body that isn’t hers. He’s lost in a world that doesn’t want him.

When Thomas is orphaned at the tender age of twelve he is forced to fend for himself. Years later, having turned to a life of banditry, he barely scrapes by. A brush with some dangerous men leaves him venerable. When Wren leads him to safety she requests something he is unable and unwilling to give. Together they discover the true meaning of sacrifice.



The Sound of the Stones: Book One in the Shattered Time Series (SAMPLE)

Fallen angels, nephilim, and elementals collide. Myths are born from truth. When the truth is unleashed Ashra must fight to stay alive.

When Frankie breaks the binding on an ancient book Ashra's world intertwines with her own.

Evil seeks to destroy humanity, but Ashra is more powerful than she knows. As a new king ascends the throne both her virtue and her life are in danger. She risks everything to flee the city in search of answers. In her quest to save humanity she finds love, uncovers mysteries from the past, and unlocks a primordial magic she never knew she had.