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Competitive Spirit

Sylvia can’t stand Joan, who she sees as weak and pathetic, and when Joan tries to insinuate that a little flirtation at a party entitles her to a relationship with one of the hottest players in the office, Sylvia can’t help but loathe her more. Of course, she’s much more in Garrett’s league, and when she lets him know that she’s been panting after him, he latches onto the opportunity. But there may be more to it than Sylvia bargained for. Things could get a little too hot to handle, but Sylvia’s competitive nature pushes her forward into something that just might satisfy her in a way she’s never been fulfilled.


Steps to Love

She was so beautiful it caused his heart to ache. She stood in the field, the sun dancing off her golden hair forming a halo over this angel. Rebekah. She was smiling at her friends with her perfect white teeth and sensuous full lips. Lips that were a naturally dark red against her ivory skin. Lips that made a man forget his own name. Her eyes were an ice blue lined with velvety black eyelashes. She was petite and slender with a delicate bone structure. She was the type of girl that made a man feel like a man. She brought out an instinct to protect and cherish her. She was simply stunning. But she was also caring, kind and very smart. A lovely girl who was out of his league. He watched her as she threw her head back and laughed. A melodic sounds that reminded him of silver bells.