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The Project - Epilogue

Why did I have to get partnered with the football superstar?

Dean Harper is the best running back our school has had in years. Tall, confident, too handsome for his own good. You know the type I’m talking about.

All the girls practically worship the ground he walks on. Any one of them would kill to be as ‘lucky’ as me. Who wouldn’t want to be forced to spend the next six weeks with him?

But I’ve got enough on my plate without having to worry about falling in love with a smoking hot football pro. I’ve just got to hold myself together and not get distracted by his toned, muscular body… Ahh, it’s happening already!


Broken Marine: A Military Romance Story

Could she be the one that fixes this broken marine?

They say I’m the hottest guy on campus. I just like to have fun…

Word spreads — and I’ve developed quite the reputation. My latest escapade has the ‘toughest’ guy on campus after me. What can a pussy like that do to a guy like me?

I finished my tour in the sandbox and now I’m back home trying to get my degree. It’s not cheap either. I have to bartend most nights just to keep a roof above my head!

Booze and girls make the endless pain go away — at least until I sober up. But how long can I really keep this up?

The day I met Ashley, my life changed forever. The pain stopped and she was all I could think about.

The problem is she thinks I’m the campus playboy. How do I convince her that I’m a changed man?



Just Friends: A Football Romance Story - Bonus Epilogue

Why did I have to get the football meathead dumped on me?

Heath Davis is the best quarterback our team has seen in a long time. Strong, tall, arm like a cannon. The type of guy to get scouted to go pro.

While he definitely has the body, his brain could use a little help. Otherwise he’ll fail his classes and get kicked out of college. Boohoo?

Problem is, I’m the unlucky girl that’s forced to spend time with the ripped, confident, handsome football star… Stop daydreaming, Leigh!

All because I’m a great student and an even better wingwoman. My best friend has the hots for his best friend and we’re both caught in the middle! How will I survive this?

If there is any funny business — I’m out! How do I get this bad boy to behave himself?



Secret Tutor: A Football Romance Story - Epilogue

Why did I have to get assigned to the new football star?

Chase Francis is the best wide receiver our school has ever seen. Tall, confident, built like a Greek God. You know the type I’m talking about.

Well it turns out Mr. Hotshot is failing Math class. Can you guess which ‘lucky’ lady has the pleasure of tutoring him until he passes?

But there’s a problem. A big problem. I used to date Logan - the team’s starting quarterback. Logan is a mean, lying, manipulative piece of work who will say anything to get you on his side. Friends I’ve known longer than him turned on me… He turned me into an outcast!

If Chase thinks I’m going to put up with his attitude, he’s got another thing coming...


Trust Fund Bad Boy Free Bundle

This smoking hot collection contains four naughty romance stories that will get your engines purring.

All of these stories are free of cheating and they all end with a happily ever after!