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Science Fiction

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Fool's Gold (A Mercenary Warfare Short Story)

Omar Freeborn doesn’t expect too much out of life. A warm bed and not getting knifed is usually enough for him. He’s thrown a curve when his sister not only steals his bed, but involves him in her business deal gone wrong.

All he can do is dig in and pull off some trading mastery. Maybe, if he’s lucky, he won’t get knifed in the process.


The Cost of Business: A Dragonfire Station Short Story

Praise for "The Cost of Business."

"A great little short story in the world I love." -- Steve Hauser

"Good story...with a hint of dinosaurs." -- Hard2Please

"Impressive! Highly recommended. Will go on to read more about Dragonfire Station in 'Translucid.'" -- Andy F.

Not all good guys finish last.

Cabot Layne has unintentionally become the owner of someone else's problem. In order to get free of it, he'll need to use every bit of his trader cunning. If he does it just right, he might stay out of prison. With a little luck, he'll even manage to turn a profit.

If you enjoy "The Cost of Business," be sure to stay tuned to Zen DiPietro's new releases on Amazon. Cabot Layne stars in the new Merchant Warfare series, which is scheduled to debut in July 2017 with Selling Out.