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Science Fiction

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Surviving the Fall

When a devastating attack cripples and destroys every Internet-connected device in the country, Rick Waters is stranded a thousand miles from his wife, Dianne, and their children. To get back home he'll have to draw on every survival instinct he has as he's pulled into a web of lies and conspiracy that threaten not just his survival but that of the entire world.

At home with her three children when she experiences the beginning of the end in a dramatic and deadly fashion, Dianne Waters has experience as a prepper and survivalist, but not even years of training and preparation have readied her for the darkness that comes with the end of the world. Now she must draw upon those skills to protect her loved ones and fight back against those who come against her and her family.


Death Magic

My job was supposed to be easy. Investigate a bleed farm, find the a-hole vamps who've been kidnapping Normals and bring down some street justice. Now I've got a relic in my hands that was created with the blood and death magic of an elder Vampire and a whole lot more questions than answers.

My name's William J. Silver. I'm a wizard - sort of. I'm the thirteenth line of the family Silver, one of the most powerful wizarding families in the world. I was born with a genetic anomaly that makes it impossible for me to tap into the Void, though. The result? I'm as Normal as any one of you. Or at least I was.

Now I've got to dodge both the Normals and the Council, both of whom would gladly tear me apart and dissect me to find out my secrets. All while I try and redeem myself for the arrogance


Prip'Yat: The Beast of Chernobyl

Two Spetsnaz officers are dropped into the ghost city of Prip'Yat and tasked with investigating mysterious disturbances around the city and the nearby Chernobyl power plant....
Unaware of the special forces operation, two cousins from Kiev sneak away and travel to Prip'Yat under the cover of night, excited to finally explore and experience the forbidden place....
And the abandoned city, a shadow has stirred.

A book from bestselling author Mike Kraus, "Prip'Yat: The Beast of Chernobyl" is a horror/adventure tale that takes place in the ghost city of Prip'Yat and the nearby disaster zone of Chernobyl.