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The Man With Two Bodies

Upon death, the neurological data that composes one's personality is downloaded and installed onto computers in the next evolution from A.I.s. These programs are known as installed intelligences, or I.I.s, and they are the secret to human immortality. In recent years, the installation process has open up for the wealthy public as a means to keep family members alive after their body has died.

This is the story of a man who is mistaken for dead and has his mind installed before recovering and becoming the first living person with an I.I. of him or herself.


Alfred Arnold's Great Adventure of No Direction Whatsoever

The last thing he knew, Alfred Arnold's house was burning down. Now, he suddenly finds himself in the wilderness. He doesn't remember how he got here, or even where here is. Little does he know, he just entered the world of Serdame.

Alfred Arnold is an eccentric man thrust into a strange new world. Serdame is home to such oddities as singing zombies, sponges that can enchant people, a terribly depressing lake monster, and much more. In order to survive, Alfred Arnold is going to need the help of his two new friends. He is joined on his journeys by Sir Procrastination, a retired knight with a mysterious past and a bad habit of leaving things unfinished, and Lavandra, a strong woman with an insatiable curiosity.

Alfred Arnold, reader. Reader, Alfred Arnold.