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Elements of Flames

DRAKE OBSIDIAN is a Dragon Lord who captures rogue Fae for the Elder Council. On a mission in Norway one look into oceanic eyes made her invade my body and mind like a fever burning through my veins. Her kisses ignite my blood with an insanity that only my twin flame can. She’s mine, body and soul, and I will rip this world apart to keep her safe in my world and my arms.


MORGAN SKELLY discovers her whole life has been a lie. In the dark of the night I had visions that I never told anyone about. The only thing keeping me sane? A dark and mysterious dream lover who protected me. He had the looks and body of an ancient god, the heart of a dragon, and the soul of a hero. My visions never prepared for me when he became real. He tore me from my life like a sexy tornado.