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Science Fiction

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The Dream Merchant

Voltaire wants to experience love. Unfortunately for him, he's a machine.

Voltaire spends each night installing a new dream, hoping the next one will make him more human. No matter how many he's utilized, they always fail him... until he meets the dream merchant.

Erin is a human enslaved in a synth's world. She spends her days unconscious, dreaming of all the things she's lost, only to have those dreams ripped from her by the dream merchant. When she first sees Voltaire, she knows he might be the key to her escape.

In a topsy-turvy world where machines rule and humans obey, Voltaire and Erin find a way to connect. They could positively change things for all, but they'll have to hurry before they are found out. The dream merchant is hot on their trail.


Chain of Deceit

The battle for the Bell has been raging for years. Men and women have been lost on both sides. A stalemate seems inevitable. Admiral Bruce will never outlive the shame of losing so many to capture so little.

Bruce's only hope to scrub clean his stained legacy is to put someone in charge who will do the right thing. He's willing to sacrifice everything to make sure that happens - even his own son's safety. He knows pushing his son into the job will be dangerous. It won't be easy. But there's no one else he can trust with the future of the Warrior Fleet.

The only problem is his son, Mike, doesn't want the job and there's a knife on the ship with Bruce's name on it. Bruce has precious little time to convince Mike to take the helm. He must save the fleet before the knife finds its mark.


The 13

How far would you go to save the ones you love?

Naomi isn't allowed to feel too happy. Or sad. Or angry. She isn't allowed to love, or hate. Those are the rules. She's seen what happens when those rules are broken.

Naomi doesn't care. Her friend's lives are in danger. Naomi is about to break all the rules.

Almost 700 years ago, a fleet of colony ships was sent out from Earth. As their journey progressed, they grew apart, isolating themselves as their societies began to change. Each ship developed their own internal structures, each their own way of keeping the peace, each, their own rules.

As the ships approach Mission's End, they begin to reach out to each other after years of silence. They soon find out how different they've all become, and how deadly those differences can be.


Fearsome Creatures & Tempestuous Gods

A encyclopedic companion to the Of Gods & Mortals series

Available exclusively to members of my newsletter, Fearsom Beasts & Tempestuous Gods is an encyclopedia of gods, heroes, places of wonder, creaters and plant life found on Tanavia, the world in which the trilogy takes place.

Find out the history of the djinn, or about the dangerous creatures called crawlers. Read up on the very first heroes to be considered warriors, and get new insight into some of the god's personal lives and vendettas.

With plenty of fresh material, even for those who have read the complete trilogy, Fearsome Creatures is my thank you to all those who have sign up to my newsletter.


Whom the Gods Love

When Cass draws her blade, nothing can stop her. Except maybe a god.

Cass is a seasoned warrior. She's tamed griffins, toppled trolls and conquered mountains. She's a warrior. Helping others in need is what warriors do. She's never been afraid of a challenge. Until now.

A quest lands at her feet to help an ailing queen. It's a simple mission, and there's a bonus to it. A handsome northerner has offered to join Cass on her journey. Under any other circumstances, Cass would be delighted with such a task. Adventure? Excitement? Altruism? A fellow warrior with eyes the color of icebergs? A tent big enough for two? Sign her up.

But then there's that god to deal with. Still, the northerner is quite warm, and the nights will be cold. Cass must do the right thing, gods be damned.


Molly's Tale

Molly was a normal girl. Until she wasn't.

Molly's life was simple. She wanted to have fun with her friends. She wanted to do right by her parents. She wanted to catch the eye of a handsome young man. She was on track to do everything in life she wanted, and more, until disaster struck.

In a world where mages are bred for destruction and kept as slaves, no one wants magical powers. Unfortunately, ability is something you're born with, not something you choose.

Molly's Tale is a story set in the world of The Arbiter, preceding the events of that novel.