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Women's Fiction

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Winter Shift Sample

He’s a shifter vampire hybrid, and no shock collar in the world can keep him from the woman who owes him her blood.

Gavin Perry failed his dragon King and now an onslaught of human hunters want his head.
He's not fit to be the next King of the Ahpret so he'll die in isolation.

Until the sister of his best friend shows up with a death wish, and everything changes.

Isla Lindberg wants a euphoric death only an Ahpret can deliver. She's ready to die... until a biologic mating mark shows up on her arm. And she has a craving for blood that she can't deny.

Gavin must face a shocking new threat, and decide if he'll fight for Isla's death. Or her life, and her heart.


Baby in His Arms: Prequel

The sexy, emotional prequel to BABY IN HIS ARMS.

Have you ever worried about your husband or boyfriend leaving you if you get cancer?
I’m here to tell you, you should absolutely worry about it. It happened to me, and the kicker? My boyfriend (ex!) is a doctor. Don’t worry; he’ll get what’s coming to him. Karma will make sure of it.

Cabo San Lucas is the perfect place to hide from the social media scandal rocking Chicago’s most eligible bachelor, Dr. Noah Crisler’s, life. He has a few days to relax and plot how to untangle himself from his past. It’s party time, spring break in Cabo, but he can’t risk anything that might add fuel to the fire.

Until a sexy co-ed catches his attention and won’t let go. What’s the harm? Cabo is a long way from Chicago.

Who will ever know?